There are many travel resources to assist people with disabilities. Resources range from taking your first steps on the world of traveling such as making a list of what to bring while you are abroad to booking wheelchair accessible accommodations, to accessible transportation, and accessible site seeing all over the world!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we recommend you adhere to your local government restrictions on traveling. If you still choose to travel, please be safe and take all precaution necessary such as wearing a mask and/or face shied, use hand sanitizers as well as washing your hands regularly. Remember to get your caregiver to wipe down any seat, tray or anything else before you touch or sit down on the item. Once you arrive at your destination have your caregiver wipe down your entire wheelchair.

Please see the following link for traveling domestically.

CATS – The Canadian Assisted Travel Society and Spinal Cord Injury BC

Yes, it is possible to stay in hostels when you mode of transportation is an electric wheelchair. Check out this latest article on hosteling.

Welcome to the Disabled Travelers Guide where nothing is impossible A stroke survivor now in a manual wheelchair her and her husband have traveled All Over The World!  United Kingdom Eco-friendly and culturally responsible tours and accommodations all over the world, all disabled friendly.

Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality Logo A non-profit organization dedicated on educating the public on Accessible Travel.

Government of Canada – Removing undue obstacles to the mobility of persons with disabilities from federally regulated transportation services (air, rail, marine and introprovincial buses).

Government of Canada – What kind of medical equipment can you bring on the plane?

United States of America – Helps to answer questions for people with disabilities and medical conditions with traveling.

European Commission – Access City Award and European Disability Strategy 2010 – 2020.

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